Young Adults

Fingers of God represent the youth of ALFC.
FINGERS are an abbreviation for FINishing GEneRation- that is, a generation that finishes all the plans and purposes that God has for them.
The first century church was like that — a generation that completed all that God wanted them to be and do. This is the vision that ALFC carries for each of its young people. The youth are encouraged and trained to be the fingers of God as mentioned in the bible in Luke 11:20, for advancing the kingdom of God and as seen in Exodus 8:19, displaying the power of God.
The various activities include being established in the word of God by regular bible studies, outreaches and camps to reach out to other young people and providing a loving and joyful family atmosphere for young people to grow into maturity in Christ, bearing fruit in every good work.
The young generation of ALFC loves to be the FINishing GEneRation of God.