Pr. Ajit John is the Senior Pastor and Apostolic leader of Apostolic Living Faith Churches. His wife, Pr. Suma is an apostolic leader and elder at home church and is a dynamic revelatory prophetic teacher of Scriptures.

Pr Jeru Jacob is the lead elder at home church.He is a dynamic worship leader with prophetic cutting edge ministry. His wife, Sis. Jolly leads the Kingdom Kids ministry.

Pr Jason Joy is a dynamic elder, youth pastor and administrator at home church. His wife, Sis. Anju is a passionate worship leader and she leads the House of Prayer ministry.

Pr. Stephen is presently pastoring ALFC Cochin. He is a passionate and fiery evangelist with an Apostolic mandate and is the ALFC missions coordinator. His wife, Sis. Suma leads the Kingdom Kids ministry at ALFC Cochin and is an able administrator.