Apostolic Living Faith Church is a kingdom-based church and it was planted out on 20th of Dec, 2009. The hearts of a few brethren were united to seek God’s face and to wait upon Him in an intense manner over a span of weeks and months. What ignited their passion was simply a very honest evaluation of the declining status of spiritual experiences amongst ourselves and the church at large and the huge gap between the knowledge about the positional realities in Christ and the practical walk in the life of the believer.

Those days and nights of revival praying and seeking God enabled us to be spiritually positioned to hear that which the Spirit is speaking to the Churches. There was an enlargement in our vision and a broadening in our understanding that caused us to be open to the things of the Spirit of God.

Thus by God’s own doing, a season of gestation was followed by intense birth pangs and amidst tears and joy the baby ALFC was born. The Spirit of prophecy was on God’s chosen Simeons and Annas of these times and beholding the baby ALFC, they all prophesied God’s destiny on the Church. An apostolic regional centre, a Kingdom-minded church, working together with the Holy Spirit to fearfully advance the Kingdom of God on this earth and for this purpose to equip and train the saints in their calling.